The Viola shares many properties with the violin but is pitched a 5th lower. In an orchestra and string quartets the viola acts as a vital link between the violin and the deeper and bigger cello. Placed underneath the chin like a violin, the viola comes in a variety of different sizes, suitable for younger beginners right through to adults.

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Finding the right size Viola is crucial for comfortable playing. The best way to measure this would be hold your arm out straight and measure the distance from your neck to the palm of your hand. Make a note of the length, check the size guide below and select the nearest size above the measurement you have taken.

Viola Size Guide

16" and 16.5" Viola - large adult - 66cm (approx)
15.5" Viola - average adult - 64cm (approx)
15" Viola - small adults and children ages 10 to 12 - 62cm (approx)
14" Viola - ages 9 to 12 - 58cm (approx)
13" Viola - ages 7 to 9 - 54-56cm (approx)
12" Viola - ages 6 to 7 - 51cm (approx)

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