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Capture your sound. Whether that be a voice or instrument, studio microphones let you record your sound source. The microphone you use can alter the sound you capture, and each microphone is different so it's important to get the right mic for the job. What's more, if you buy at Gear4music you'll also get a two-year warranty included.

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About Studio Microphones

Studio Mics | When it comes to choosing the correct microphone for recording there is no right or wrong answer. Each microphone has its own unique characteristics which may make them great for a specific instrument or vocalist.

For example, a large diaphragm condenser microphone would suit an acoustic guitar or vocalist due to its wide frequency response and ability to pick up much quieter sounds. On the other hand, a dynamic microphone may be better tuned for a loud guitar amp or snare drum as it is capable of sustaining loud sound levels without being damaged or loosing sonic clarity.

We stock a variety of Studio Microphones from all the top brands such as Shure, AKG, sE Electronics and Rode.

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