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NAMM 2019 | The Orange TremLord is "the amp Orange never made in the first place"

Orange TremLord 30 Guitar Combo with Tremolo  | NAMM 2019
Orange TremLord 30 Guitar Combo with Tremolo | NAMM 2019

NAMM 2019 | The Orange TremLord is "the amp Orange never made in the first place"

Orange announces a vintage-inspired, single-channel 30-watt guitar amp with its own tube-driven tremolo.

Orange TremLord 30 Combo - Orange

The Orange Tremlord 30 combo is a vintage-inspired, EL84-powered guitar amp with a built-in, valve-driven tremolo. As Orange says, this is a new "take on the 1950s combo".

Orange's esteemed reputation is built on a foundation of great British rock tones, with a back-catalogue of amplifiers all pursuing crunch and overdrive nirvana. It is a refreshing surprise, then, that the new-for-2019 TremLord 30 features just one single channel, a built-in tremolo circuit, and a high-headroom preamp design; the features of which you might expect to see on an American-made vintage classic. 

Orange TremLord 30 Combo - Black
Orange TremLord 30 Combo - Orange

The vintage amp Orange never made

The TremLord 30 is designed to offer higher headroom and a smoother top end than Orange's current amp models, in part owing to its new custom-designed speaker from Italian designer Lavoce.

Orange TremLord 30 Combo - Black

EL84 valves provide the classic British breakup that Orange amps are known for, but the single channel encourages players to plug in their favourite pedals and push this amp into natural power-valve overdrive.

TremLord tremolo

The most notable feature of the TremLord 30 is its built-in, tube-driven tremolo circuit. Offering a range of classic tremolo sounds, the TremLord 30 has two foot-switchable tremolo speeds providing players with the ability to switch between presets for even more versatility during live sets. Also included is a two-spring reverb tank - Orange's "richest sounding spring reverb design to date" - giving players instant a range of vintage-flavoured sounds.

Versatile volume levels

A useful low-wattage "Bedroom" level switch makes this amp ideal for practice at home, while the post-tremolo effects loop and single-channel preamp makes the TremLord 30 the ideal pedal platform.

Orange TremLord 30 Combo - Orange

The TremLord 30 is the ideal combo for players who are seeking the classic rock and overdrive flavours of an Orange amp, but wish for more headroom and a vintage-style breakup. Pedal-based players, or players who want the pure response of amp-only tone, will find the TremLord's built-in tremolo and reverb give oodles of character. The 30-watt output is ideal for medium-sized gigs and rehearsals, while the low-wattage mode makes this combo a serious proposition for home use.

Orange TremLord 30 - the amp that could have been here all along

As Orange say, the TremLord 30 is the "amp Orange never made in the first place", and it takes pride of place in the Orange family as if it had been there all along.

Orange TremLord 30 Combo - Orange

Shop now | Orange TremLord 30 Combo

Shop now | Orange TremLord 30 Combo, Black

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By Matt Wilkinson

Posted on 10 Jan 2019 16:32 to category : Instruments News

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