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NAMM 2020 | Behringer releases System 55 modules

Behringer System 55
Behringer System 55

Behringer has just announced the System 55 Modules for The NAMM Show.

Just when we thought we'd heard all the news from NAMM 2020, Behringer launches the System 55 modules. It's looking set to be a fantastic year for modular synth creators!

Behringer has authentically reproduced over 20 Eurorack modules. They're based on the 55, 35, and 15 series of Moog Modular from the 1970's. These are sure to get new users into modular thanks to their super affordable price point. We don't know much just yet, here's what we have so far:

  • 961 Interface – dual multi-channel V-trig to S-trig converter and dual S-trig to V-trig converter
  • CP3A-M Control Panel Mixer – 4 inputs, 2 outputs, 4 point multiple
  • 995 Attenuators – 3 separate attenuators
  • 911 Envelope Generator
  • 911A Dual Trigger Delay
  • 923 Filters – low and high pass
  • CP35 Attenuators – 4 passive attenuators and multiples
  • 921A Oscillator Driver
  • 914 Fixed Filter Bank – 12 bandpass filters plus low and high pass
  • CP3A-0 Oscillator Controller
  • 902 VCA – 2 inputs and outputs
  • 992 Control Voltages – 4-channel CV routing
  • 904A Voltage Controlled Low Pass Filter
  • 944 Multiples
  • 903A Random Signal Generator
  • CP1A Power Supply Module
  • 904B Voltage Controlled High Pass Filter
  • 921 Voltage Controlled Oscillator – 6 waveforms
  • 962 Sequential Switch
  • 921B Oscillator
  • 960 Sequential Controller

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Posted on 17 Jan 2020 17:09 to category : Instruments News

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