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Start Something New At Home

Start Something New
Start Something New

Learning a new skill and being creative is a great way of spending time at home. Whether you want to start a new instrument, produce music, get podcasting or stream online, here are the bundles to get you started.

By Matt Wilkinson | Published 26.03.20

We've made it easy to start something new with our convenient bundles of equipment. Removing the uncertainty of knowing what you need to buy, these great-value packages provide the essential equipment to get started.

Discover our instrument packages, studio gear, podcasting bundles, DJ controller bundles, and more.

Guitar Packs

Starting from just £49.99, our guitar packs provide the essential gear you need to start playing one of the most popular instruments of all time - the guitar. If you’re a younger player, you’ll find smaller instruments that are perfect for smaller hands.

Electric Guitar Packs

SHOP NOW | Electric Guitar Packs

Our electric guitar and bass guitar bundles come with a guitar, amp, carry case, cable, and other handy accessories. You’ll find a wide range of guitars for whichever genre of music you like best.

Acoustic Guitar Packs

SHOP NOW | Bass Guitar Packs

Acoustic guitar packages are available with either nylon- or steel-strung guitars. Many packs come with useful accessories including cases, tuners, picks, stands, and more. Electro-acoustic guitar packs include an amp as well, so you’ll be ready to get gigging once you’ve learnt the basics.

Bass Guitar Packs

SHOP NOW | Acoustic Guitar Packs

With an electric bass guitar plus an amp and other essential accessories, you’ll have everything you need to lay down your first bass grooves at home.

Drum Packs

Drum kit packs offer great value for money. Drum kits come with many different parts, so our packages remove the uncertainty of knowing what to buy.

If you’re worried about noise at home, or you have limited space, see our range of tabletop and electronic drum kits for a low-volume solution that can be enjoyed with a pair of headphones.

Acoustic Drum Kit Packages

SHOP NOW | Acoustic Drum Packs

Get everything you need to play the drums in one convenient bundle. These packs feature drums, cymbals, stands, stools, sticks, and pedals. We have a range of sizes, from compact kits (ideal for small spaces) through to full size kits.

Also see our Junior Drum Kits - compact kits for young children.

Tabletop Drum Kits

SHOP NOW | Tabletop Drums

Limited space at home? Designed to sit on a table or desk, these electronic drum pads take up barely any room yet offer the real experience of playing drums. Put on a set of headphones to practise quietly and explore a wide range of drum sounds at home.

Look out for the tabletop drum kits which include pedals if you want the ultimate compact drumkit experience.

Electronic Drum Kit Packs

SHOP NOW | Electronic Drum Kit Packs

Electronic drum kits take up less room than an acoustic kit, and they are quieter to use at home. Plug in an amplifier or headphones and you can explore a wide range of drum sounds, both natural and electronic.

Electronic drum kit packs include everything you need to play at home, including sticks, stool, and headphones or an amplifier. Some kits have rubber pads for a great drum feel, while others incorporate mesh heads to respond even more like an acoustic kit.

Piano and Keyboard Packs

The piano and keyboard are wonderful instruments to learn. Not only are they incredibly versatile and found in almost any genre, they open the door to learning about music theory, composition, and music production.

Keyboard Packages

SHOP NOW | Keyboard Packs

Keyboards are an affordable instrument to start at home. They may look like pianos, but they include a huge range of extra instrument sounds.

Many keyboards offer built-in lessons or musical accompaniments to play along to. Our packages come with a keyboard, headphones, and many bundles also have a stand and stool to sit comfortably.

Digital Piano Packages

SHOP NOW | Digital Piano Packs

Digital pianos generally include fewer sounds than a digital keyboard, but they replicate the feel of an acoustic piano more closely. If you’re serious about learning classical, popular, and jazz piano, this is a great starting point.

Studio and Production Packs

Studio and Production is a wide umbrella of activities: recording instruments or your voice, song writing, producing music with a computer, podcasting, DJing, streaming online… the list goes on!

Fortunately, our convenient bundles make it easy to get started.

Podcasting Bundles

SHOP NOW | Podcast Bundles

Podcasting bundles include the essential gear you need to start your own show. Simply plug the equipment into a computer, and you’ll be good to go! Some packages even work standalone, meaning you’ll be ready to record, straight out the box.

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Audio Interface Bundles

SHOP NOW | Audio Interface Bundles

If you want to record music at home, or produce music on a computer, this is the perfect starting point.

Audio interfaces are the bridge between your computer and external gear (microphones, headphones, speakers, instruments etc). They allow you to turn your computer into a complete recording setup.

Simply grab one of our audio interface bundles and attach it to your computer to start producing music at home.

Read more | Home Recording Guide

DJ Controller Bundles

SHOP NOW | DJ Controller Bundles

DJing can seem impenetrable when getting started, but our controller bundles make it much easier to get the right gear. A DJ controller plugs into your computer and controls DJ software – perfect for learning how to DJ at home.

See more | Shop DJ Controllers by Software Type

Orchestral Instruments

There are a huge range of orchestral instruments you could learn. Each instrument is generally available in a range of sizes – ideal for younger players through to adults. Within each orchestral category, you’ll find a range of packages which include the essential accessories you need to get started.

Check out our range of Woodwind Instruments, String Instruments, and Brass Instruments for more information.

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Posted on 26 Mar 2020 14:11 to category : Instruments News

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